Here’s another fun zoom chat my good friend, Sayaka, hosts every Sunday 8:30-10:30pm (LA time). Recommended for people who want to practice both English and Japanese! We’re all bilingual on varying levels. 英語はレベルが高い方だけど、日本語の勉強をしているお友達も多いので、ビギナーの方もノープロブレム!気楽にどうぞ参加して下さい。Really chill and everyone’s nice and friendly. That pic up there is technically, the ‘nijikai’ (二次会w)since it was past 10:30pm and most people signed off for bed time…. Then out comes Sadako from the Ring… #夏の怪談

Sayaka’s Zoom Chat:
Sundays 8:30 – 10:30pm (PDT)

MTD ID: 960 3470 0176 PW: 147803