So I love a mishmash of music ranging from country to classical ones, but as someone who was a teenager in the 90s, I definitely have a soft spot for R&B. I’m gonna post some of my newer favorite ones down here, and maybe you’ve heard them before! As a big fan of KCRW (89.9 MHz), I discover heaps of new music through listening to DJ Anne Litt and DJ Jason Bentley (he retired from ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ last year and I got to see his last spin at KCRW Summer Nights event in China Town!きゃぁ~😻).

とにかく、色んな曲が好きです!やっぱりロスに住んでいるとめちゃくちゃ上手いローカルのアティーストに introduceされますね。んもぉ、みんな素敵!!

ちなみに、一番最初のセンテンスにある’mishmash’とは、 「ごたまぜ」という意味です。このブログの名前と発音が似てるし、意味もそんなに変わらないけど、ニュアンスがちょっと違います。。。詳しいことは、このリンクをご覧下さい☺ … sorry, too lazy 😉 We can discuss it when we zoom (i.e. the difference between ‘mismatched’ and ‘mishmash’)!

2019年リリース、ニコール・バスの「ユー」。アリーシャ・キーズとローリン・ヒル並みにうまい。うますぎる~ ฅ^>ω<^ฅ 去年からずっとハマってます(笑)@thenicolebus
ビデオの最初らへんに出てくる「カマシ」というのが彼の名前です(笑)Saxophonist でこの曲の真ん中あたりからどんどん盛り上がるところが好きです。Makes me wish I could play a musical instrument!! …like anything! Anything at all! Thank goodness for karaoke to help people like me do something musical outside of car karaoke 😉 I tell all my younger students to learn one instrument if they can. Because if all communication fails, including language, you’ll always have music to connect with people. Of course I tell the same thing to my adult students, but I think we can all agree that learning new things is waaaay easier when you’re a kid…. sigh… #shouldacouldawoulda #kamasiwashington
If you’re a 90s R&B fan, you’d definitely know the ‘Thong Song’ by Sisqo (懐かしいね~w), and this is a cover by Penthouse Penthouse from 2014. I think the version without the vocal is the original. I personally like it this way 😉 @penthousepenthouseLA