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Ty, every morning, “Where do you wanna go today?”

ーーー 今日どこ行く?

Work out buddies… gym-buddies… zumba friends… whatever you call them, are THE best! My husband, Ty, and I have been hiking every morning (well, almost every morning) and find trails that match our moods, and won’t be too hot under the LA sun. If we have several hours to kill, we find hiking trails outside the usual ones, and go on adventures up north, west, south, and sometimes the east side of LA and neighboring counties. Otherwise, there are PLENTY of beautiful and fun hikes in the South Bay area! Check out the places we’ve been to so far. For my friends who are worried about the sun, just make sure you apply sunscreen and wear appropriate shoes and clothing (帽子を忘れずに!). If you don’t know what to get, Trader Joe’s probably has a good one! うちの生徒さんいわく、トレジョに良い日焼け止めが売ってあるそうです。

@Point Fermin …somewhere down there
@Bridle Trail
@Canada Trail

サウスベイに住まれている方にお勧めなハイキングスポットをいくつか紹介したいと思います。Local hikes if you’re around the South Bay area:

Easy to Moderate hikes:

Point Vicente Park
Point Fermin
Bridle Trail in Palos Verdes
Canada Trail and Lorraine Trail
Terranea Discovery Trail

Moderate to Difficult hikes:

Abalone Cove
Rancho Palos Verdes Coastal Trail
Trump National Golf Club trails (public parking by the clubhouse)
Ladera Linda Trail
Portuguese Bend trails
Malaga Dunes to Del Sol Fire Road Hike (一番お気に入りのスポットです❤)

@Portuguese Bend trail