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The New Originals 70s-80s Band

Orange County’s hottest cover band. We play hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s that will keep the dance floor packed!!!

Available for booking at RealNewOriginals@gmail.com

@ Hey 19 Public House (Video by Darrell Kim)

アメリカン&ジャパニーズ70s~80sのカバーバンドでございます(笑)Guaranteed to be 楽しいです。My 趣味です。。。が、本気で歌いますッ!!コロナワールドが終わったら続けてやります!プライベートイベント等にご招待したい方は、RealNewOriginals@gmail.com までお問い合わせ下さい。キーボード&リーダー担当のベン君が対応してくれます。彼も日本語ちょっと話せますが、英語の方がいいかも ( ´艸`)

Photo by Jessy Lu

Meet the Band

Ben Lichtman: keyboardist

Greg Staples: guitarist

Arthur Garrison: drummer

Tim Rupp: bassist

Allyson Sonenshine: singer

Sharmine Park: singer (うち)

Video by Darrell Kim
大好きなリンダリンダも歌います(笑)That’s our good friend, Mike, singing with us on stage!

80s music バンザーイ (〃▽〃)

。。。So when is our next show?
Obviously, we’ll have to wait until it’s safe for us to get together again. I’ll definitely keep you posted!!

In the meantime, I’ll be adding videos from our other shows and rehearsals in here, so come and check back in the next few days!

@The Blue Door Bar
Ty, our sound guy 😉