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I started my ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching journey at the age of 14 back when my mom’s friend asked if I could teach her English once a week. To be honest, there wasn’t a lot of “teaching” happening then since I wasn’t at all experienced in… anything! I was just an 8th grader who was going to an International School in Fukuoka, Japan. But the lady was so sweet about it, and my sister, Emi, and the lady’s daughter were best friends. Plus, I earned ¥1,000 (about 10USD) for each session. Then eventually, I earned myself a pretty good reputation among the people and families from the sameマンション (condominium) and the number of my students grew little by little.

Since then, I’ve been teaching ESL and received my master’s degree in TESOL from Temple University, and have taught in varying institutions ranging from preschool to universities. I decided along the way of my ESL-teaching journey that if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this right! I will be the best ESL teacher I can be for my students and find ways to motivate and excite them about ESL-learning, but at the same time encourage them to stay consistent and disciplined with their studies since many of them have busy schedules like me.

I opened English Park in Torrance back in 2012 and it has since been my pride and joy! I am so fortunate to meet so many cool and interesting ESL learners here in LA. Some of them I’ve become really good friends with and still keep in touch even after they go back to Japan. I can’t see my students in person right now because of coronavirus, but I zoom and skype with them on a regular basis and make sure they’re working hard towards reaching their ESL goals! Alongside myself are Kristine and our other wonderful ESL instructors helping our students navigate their ESL journey and assist them with their language-needs such as translating or interpreting.

Our students are challengers and it’s the coolest and the most rewarding thing as a teacher to see their improvement and for them to be able to gradually converse in English about difficult topics as well as daily conversations. However, it’s not surprising to hear that they don’t have a lot of opportunities to speak in English even though many of them work in the US. I often hear their frustrations with not being able to speak in English since their coworkers are all Japanese, too! That’s where my Japanese-English Torrance Meetup peeps step in! I’ve taken a number of my students to this language meetup and many of them enjoy meeting new friends and making connections, AND practice English. ビギナーの方から、アドバンスの方まで、私とEnglish Parkの先生達と共に英語の上達に向けて一緒に頑張っていきませんか?無料トライアルに是非お申し込み下さい。

I would love to meet you and show you so many ways you can move up to the next level!

email us at: lessons@englishpark.us

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