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お花見 … with only one cherry blossom tree …somewhere (lol)

Really miss hanging out with the Japanese-English Meetup peeps. It’s a language meetup, but it’s definitely more than that. Here’s where I found a lot of my good friends! We all come from different cultures and backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: our love and appreciation for language connections. We now have fun zoom chats a few times a week to stay connected, but I can’t wait to get together again with these guys and check out local events in LA! If you’re not from here and is planning on visiting LA after the pandemic, feel free to let us know and maybe we can set up a time to meet you and share a taco or two :) コロナが落ち着いたあと、ロスに遊びに来る予定がある人は、是非このミートアップにメッセージを送ってみてください。よかったら、みんなでタコスでも一緒に食べにいきませんか?Let’s become friends!

Meet other Japanese-English bilinguals:

Karaoke @ Astro, Torrance

Me (left) and my girlfriend, Anna, dressed up for Halloween last year

「日本の絆」 Beer Gardenにて

@Max Karaoke for Heejoo’s farewell party (We miss you, Heejoo!!)